Music/Band Art

TRAPPED UNDER ICE (Baltimore Hardcore Represent!)

Trapped Under Ice Tee Shirt Design
Trapped Under Ice Ice Pick Axe Design

STOUT (I play bass in this band.)

Stout Tenma Hajun Buddhist King of Demons Tee Shirt Design
Stout Hate D.N.A. Tee Shirt Design Front
Stout Hate D.N.A. Tee Shirt Design Back
Stout Wild Style Burner

MIGRATING ISLAND (My solo dreamy music. Check it out at my Bandcamp site).

Migrating Island M.I. Logo with Cathedral Rock imagery inside its shape.
Migrating Island Motivate Cello Scroll cover art.

TREASON (I was the MC in this band.)

Treason Wild Style Tee Shirt Design Front

PROWLER (London Hardcore Represent!)

Prowler London Hardcore Wild Style Design