SkillsTutor LMS (Learning Management System)

Redesign of entire SkillsTutor LMS in 2008. Pictured below is the log-in page and teacher home page.

SkillsTutor Login Page
SkillsTutor Home Page

SkillsTutor LMS Rebranding

Redesign of SkillsTutor LMS home page in 2012, incorporating HMH corporate colors and new hand-illustrated graphics direction.

SkillsTutor HMH Rebranding

LMS Graphic Requirements Showcase

Solely responsible for all new graphics requirements across the entire management system redesign. Established aesthetic direction of hand-illustrated 3-D miniature scenes with "little golden people". Graphics used for titling pages, actionable processes, applications, individual lessons, reports, interactive buttons, and help sequences.

SkillsTutor Graphic Components
SkillsTutor Graphic Components
SkillsTutor Graphic Components