SkillsTutor Algebra II

Designed and directed the entire aesthetic and instructional design approach for Algebra I and II collections. All interface themes, buttons, text, graphics, instructional design/components, animations, and 20% of the subject content were created by me.

Algebra 2 Quadratic Formula page 1
Algebra 2 Quadratic Formula page 2
Algebra 2 Unit Circle and Sine Wave Relation
Algebra 2 Sine and Cosine Function Graphs
Algebra 2 Matrices Explanation
Algebra 2 Adding and Subtracting Matrices
Algebra 2 Parabola Standard Form Equations
Algebra 2 Normal Bell Curve

SkillsTutor Algebra I

Algebra 1 Slope of a Line
Algebra 1 Solve for System of Equations
Algebra 1 Dividing Rational Expressions
Algebra 1 Trigonometry Angle of Elevation Problem